Ts Birthday will see prices rise

Next years 100th anniversary of the model t will certainly see some price adjustments, particularly for early cars.

Until 1918, the Model T had a handsome brass radiator, thereafter changed to a painted steel version, making the early cars more desirable to collectors.  Mechanically they are much the same.

American clubs have anticipated an increased focus on the Model T during its centenary year which might bring price rises of 20 to 40 percent, the first real change in the model’s value in three decades.  All kinds of promotional events are planned, from the weaving of a special Ford Model T tartan in Scotland to rallies, driving and show events internationally.

In Victoria, hundreds of Model Ts are expected at the September Centenary Rally in the port town of Echuca, a great place to compare cars if you’re considering buying.

Antony Davies | August 22, 2007


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