Model T Ford Register Of Great Britain

Mr. Henry Ford

Henry Ford (1863 - 1947) was from Detroit, Michigan, USA and made his first car in his back yard in 1896.

Henry Ford
Finally, after several false starts, the Ford Motor Company was formed in 1903. The first product in 1903 was the Model A and a variety of models followed prior to the introduction of their most successful product ever, the Model T in September 1908.

The Model T was the world's most successful car of the pre-2nd world war era. Between 1908 and 1927, sales outstripped any other with over 15 million cars and commercial vehicles produced world-wide. As well as in Detroit USA, Ford made Model Ts in a number of other factories across the world including Trafford Park, Manchester, England. It is estimated that 600 English built Model Ts still exist, approxmately 100,000 Model Ts survive in the world. The car was designed to be lightweight and flexible to cope with the rough American roads, to sell at a low price but with high engineering quality and simple for the owner to maintain. Over a production period of 19 years, Model Ts were gradually developed. They were available in a variety of body styles, however the basic mechanical specification remained the same. Engines were also used to power boats, tanks and even light aircraft.