Spares List

Model T Ford Spares Service


Clive Hodgson is our Spares Registrar and his contact details are Woodford Mill, Ringstead, Northants, NN14 4DU. Telephone: 01933622038 Email: . Please note Rob Lorch has officially retired from the position of spares registrar and should no longer be contacted regarding spares, pleased DO NOT use Rob Lorch’s email any more, ALL enquiries should go through

The Model T Ford Register prides itself in providing full support for our members via a very well established and flourishing spares service, please see our spares list below. Parts that are not stocked can be imported very economically on behalf of members.

The spares service is a mail order service for new or good-as-new Model T Ford service and replacement parts. A range of over 500 different items are held in stock in the UK and a price list is published.

NOTE prices are subject to change. Please contact your spares registrar Clive Hodgson for latest price and availability.