The English Model T Ford - volume 1

A Century of the Model T in Britain

The English Model T Ford Volume 1 – A Century of the Model T Ford in Britain

 The Book

One hundred years ago the world’s most successful car ever, Henry Ford’s Model T was first shown to the world at the London Motor Show, Olympia on November 13th 1908.

This book has been written by three highly knowledgeable experts and published specifically to coincide with the significant centenary. Unlike the many existing books about the American Model T, this book concentrates on the unique history of the Model T Ford in Britain. The Model T in both car and commercial versions was built in Ford’s largest overseas factory at Trafford Park, Manchester from 1911 until the end of production in 1927. Right hand drive versions as well as a number of specifically English Model Ts were designed and produced on the first moving production line in Europe.

Illustrated with over 300 period pictures, the book draws on significant previously unpublished original UK factory and dealer records and on contemporary documentation amassed by the authors, the Model T Ford Register of Great Britain and its members.

An authoritative record of:

Sales, Manufacture and Price information
Factory models, both car and commercial
Detailed differences between US & English variants, year by year
A representative range of typical special purpose variants
Key people behind Ford and the success of the Model T in UK
Military roles during World War 1 and the 1920s
The Model T Ford in Britain today

A book for Model T enthusiasts as well as lovers of motoring history, veteran and vintage cars and commercial vehicles in the UK, USA & Worldwide.

304 Pages A4 format (30cm x 22cm)
Laminated hardback with dust jacket
Over 300 period photographs
16 Pages of colour pictures
Shrink wrapped

Book Details Chapter by Chapter

Chapter 1 – 1903 – 1908 Ford in Britain Before the Model T
The early years of Ford in Britain. Ford Models A, B, C, F, K, N, R, and S with British variants. Early import arrangements, people and dealers.

Chapter 2 – 1908 – 1911 The Early Years
The Model T is launched and seen for the first time anywhere in the world at the London Motor Show at Olympia on 13th November 1908. In 1911 a Model T is the first car to climb Ben Nevis. The first European Ford factory opens at Trafford Park, Manchester.

Chapter 3 – 1912 – 1913 English Years
Production gets moving at Trafford Park and unique models are made for the British market. Model T sales quadruple. Ford becomes Britain’s largest motor manufacturer. Henry Ford sponsors a race for Ford Cars at Brooklands.

Chapter 4 – 1914 – 1917 Moving Assembly Line
Following massive investment, Ford installs the first moving assembly line in Europe for the mass production of English, brass radiator, right-hand-drive Model Ts at Trafford Park.

Chapter 5 – 1914 – 1919 War and Austerity
Trafford Park turns to the production of specialist Model Ts including ambulances, water carriers and service wagons. The new black radiator models are released in 1917. The first Fordson tractors arrive in Britain.

Chapter 6 – 1917 – 1923 Low Black Radiator
Back to Model T mass production for peacetime and the Model T evolves. Selling prices fall and sales increase. The Ton Truck (TT) version of the Model T appeared in 1919. Electric starters and lighting are introduced and 1920 also sees the peak production year for the Model T in Britain.

Chapter 7 – 1924 – 1925 English Drop Frame
Independent of Ford USA, Trafford Park produces another uniquely English range of Model Ts known as the English Drop Frame models. A lower chassis and sleeker, more modern looking style with nickel plated brightwork. At the 1925 British Empire Exhibition at Wembley, the Model T production line is demonstrated; and Trafford Park produces the 250,000th English Model T. Sales of Model T commercials outstrip car sales.

Chapter 8 – 1926 – 1927 Improved Models
Ford of Britain follows the USA with the Improved Model T but sales continue their decline. The Model T is out of date and overtaxed. Commercial sales continue to grow, whilst car sales decline. Trafford Park production ceases for Model Ts in August 1927.

Chapter 9 – 1928 – 2008 The Immortal Model T
The last Model Ts are sold from the dealers. Trafford Park starts to produce the new Model A before transferring production to Dagenham. During World War II Ford produces Rolls-Royce Merlin aircraft engines at Trafford Park. The era of the Model T Ford collector and enthusiast commences in the 1950s. The Model T Ford Register of Great Britain is formed in 1960 and continues to grow and thrive into the 21st Century. In 2000 the Model T Ford is voted the world’s Car of the 20th Century!

Appendix 1: Sales and Production. Statistics mainly taken from original Ford, Trafford Park factory business records.
Appendix 2: Prices. Selling prices from advertising and dealer records.
Appendix 3: Time Line. A timeline showing key events for Ford and Ford in Britain from the birth of Henry Ford in 1863 to the production of the very last Model T engine in 1941.
Appendix 4: Serial Numbers used in Britain. Collated from Ford USA and UK production records as well as those of the Model T Ford Register.
Appendix 5: English Innovations. A summary of English Model T innovations.
Appendix 6: Early Model T Dealers. A list of early Ford dealers as published in 1912.
Appendix 7: Percival Perry, Biographical Notes. The greatest British influence on Ford before, during and after the Model T era. Respected by Henry Ford as well as the British Government.
Appendix 8: Ford Management in Britain, 1919 – 1927. A summary of Ford of Britain management and the surrounding issues during a difficult time.
Appendix 9: Abbreviations, Nomenclature, Bibliography and Sources.